How To Arouse A Man By Text And Make Him Crave You Tonight

Keeping a man interested in you is a process a journey. You’ve got to use all available avenues to maintain the mystery of a good romance. In this modern era of tweeting and social media it is imperative that you learn how to arouse a man by text.

Let’s face it, when you want to contact your man you text him don’t you? If that is the case then you have probably neglected this technology as a way to fire up your love life. But before you scorch the airways with your erotic messages consider a caution. You might be tempted to send images of yourself, my advice is “don’t do it”! The information you send in a text is not necessarily private and secure. We have already seen the damage done to careers and relationships by leaked text photos. Just don’t do it. There are still some extremely effective ways to use text to fire up the bedroom.

Ladies let me recommend three potentially explosive text categories. Be prepared for high octane romantic activity tonight!

Category #1 – Unlimited access text
“Hurry home, I want to be dominated.”
“I’m lying on the bed waiting for you to do whatever comes to your mind.”
“My body is your playground, hurry home.”

Category #2 – Unexpected location text
“I’m taking a shower, I need some assistance, hurry home.”
“I’m sunbathing naked on the deck, could you come over and rub some oil on me?”
“I’m lying on the dining room table, dessert is waiting.”

Category #3 – Unusual behavior text
“You remember what I refused to do the other night? I changed my mind, hurry home.”
“I bought some handcuffs at a garage sale, hurry home and we’ll try them out.”
“I forgot to wash your favorite shirt today, I expect to be disciplined tonight.”

The possibilities are endless and your own imagination will be the secret sauce for a steamy time. It’s been said that when it comes to erotic behavior men are like microwaves and women are like crock pots. In other words, women need a long time to get warmed up but men can go from indifferent to “wow” in seconds. When your man receives his special text message he’ll be boiling over with arousal by the time he gets to you. You will also find that your own libido will be percolating by the time he arrives!