How To Arouse A Man By Text And Make Him Crave You Tonight

Keeping a man interested in you is a process a journey. You’ve got to use all available avenues to maintain the mystery of a good romance. In this modern era of tweeting and social media it is imperative that you learn how to arouse a man by text.

Let’s face it, when you want to contact your man you text him don’t you? If that is the case then you have probably neglected this technology as a way to fire up your love life. But before you scorch the airways with your erotic messages consider a caution. You might be tempted to send images of yourself, my advice is “don’t do it”! The information you send in a text is not necessarily private and secure. We have already seen the damage done to careers and relationships by leaked text photos. Just don’t do it. There are still some extremely effective ways to use text to fire up the bedroom.

Ladies let me recommend three potentially explosive text categories. Be prepared for high octane romantic activity tonight!

Category #1 – Unlimited access text
“Hurry home, I want to be dominated.”
“I’m lying on the bed waiting for you to do whatever comes to your mind.”
“My body is your playground, hurry home.”

Category #2 – Unexpected location text
“I’m taking a shower, I need some assistance, hurry home.”
“I’m sunbathing naked on the deck, could you come over and rub some oil on me?”
“I’m lying on the dining room table, dessert is waiting.”

Category #3 – Unusual behavior text
“You remember what I refused to do the other night? I changed my mind, hurry home.”
“I bought some handcuffs at a garage sale, hurry home and we’ll try them out.”
“I forgot to wash your favorite shirt today, I expect to be disciplined tonight.”

The possibilities are endless and your own imagination will be the secret sauce for a steamy time. It’s been said that when it comes to erotic behavior men are like microwaves and women are like crock pots. In other words, women need a long time to get warmed up but men can go from indifferent to “wow” in seconds. When your man receives his special text message he’ll be boiling over with arousal by the time he gets to you. You will also find that your own libido will be percolating by the time he arrives!

Well That Depends on Your Definition of Sexting – Said the Congressman

There has been far too much press spent on the story about the Congressman who posted an image of his hardened male member in his designer underpants onto his Twitter page, and later denied it, only to later admit it and apologize for his behavior and revealing he had inappropriate conversations with six women online, and that he assumed they were all of the appropriate age, but could not confirm it. Indeed, this is unbecoming for any adult including the Underwear Christmas Bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, from Ghana.

Now then, I can see this from a High School Football player sending it to his girlfriend, or a College Basketball Player sending it one of his female fans and team cheerleaders after a night of drinking following a victory celebration, but from a US Congressman, sorry, that’s just inappropriate and unacceptable.

Of course, this is not the first high-powered man to get caught up in such a sexual scandal, but it does remind me of Bill Clinton’s excuse after he told the media; “I did not have sex with that woman” – and then later he said; “well, that depends on your definition of sex, arguing that a blowjob is not sex, definitionally speaking of course?”

Okay so, this brings up another question, what is the actual definition of Sexting? You see, twittering is texting in many regards and if you are sending photos of a human banana in your pants to your female constituents that appears to be sexting to me, and it is inappropriate to do so, and that means it is not right for a Congressman either. Here is the actual definition of sexting as per the official MacMillan Dictionary:

“The Practice of Sending Sexual Images or Messages to Someone’s Mobile Phone”

The practice appears to be more than once, which this Congressman did do, as he admitted to at least 6 females he did this with, and the images were “sexual in nature” and he admitted to inappropriate conversations online as well, many of them to mobile devices. Therefore the Congressman was indeed engaged in sexting, no matter which official definition you choose to use. And yes, “sexting” is in fact, an actual word in the English Language, officially now.

The question would be does Congress have a policy on Sexting for their members? They should, and this case perhaps proves why, but my question is how many other Congressmen, Senators, and high-ranking government officials are doing this also? Inquiring minds want to know. So, please consider all this.

Watching Adult Sex Videos Together – Movies Make Magic

Although they still have a stigma for many people, watching adult sex videos with your spouse can be a really great way to improve your marriage sex. Available in as many different varieties as there are types of people in the world, you can watch everything from very basic, “soft porn” as it is called to more graphic and experimental types of adult films. Sensual and erotic imagery is both visually and mentally arousing and may even plant an idea or two in your minds for what you would like to try with one another. Rather than being something that only single men watch in the dark, by themselves, while they masturbate, adult films are actually a really effective type of foreplay for many married couples.

Many couples may secretly want to watch an adult film together, but are hesitant because they are afraid to suggest it to their mate. For some women, there is a fear that their husband will find the women on film more attractive than they find them. For some men, there is concern that their wives may be turned off or find fault with their arousal. The reality is that watching adult films together can be a real bonding experience. It may take several tries to find a particular genre of adult film that works for you both, but in most cases, just the simple act of being “naughty” and watching other people getting physical is enough to start something fun for the married couple watching.

If you and your spouse have decided to watch an adult sex video together, then you should discuss what kinds of films are “OK” and which ones are “off limits”. For instance, your spouse may be uncomfortable watching a film that depicts more than one partner at a time. The object of watching an adult sex video together is to get one another turned on, not turned off, so be sensitive to one another’s preferences. One of the benefits of watching a sex video together is that you may get ideas for positions to try out. Also, having the noise in the background may also help lower your spouse’s inhibitions when it comes to expressing their pleasure vocally.

If you are looking for an easy way to improve your marriage sex life, watching adult sex videos together is a great way to start. Sit back, relax, pop in a video and let nature take its course. You may find that you are having the hottest sex of your marriage, in no time flat!

Sex Videos – How to Keep it Hot in the Bedroom So You Can Rest Better

If you have ever had a bout of insomnia, did you consider sex videos as a remedy? No? Why not? Sex is considered one of the best tools to battle insomnia. It’s also considered one of the most fun antidotes! Sex videos can play a major role in fighting sleeplessness by exciting your libido and allowing you to enjoy some pleasurable and satisfying sex just before slipping into a restful and restorative sleep cycle. Sex videos are great for spicing up your sex life, so they really can serve a dual purpose. Fun and sleep, they sound like a pretty good pair, right?

Sleeplessness can be dangerous to your health both physically and mentally and using sex videos to crank up your experience in the sack can really help reduce harmful effects due to insomnia. Besides the obvious negative effects like poor performance at work or school, relationship issues due to surliness, there are some major diseases that can be brought on by lack of sleep. Having sex to help stave off these illnesses sounds like a pretty good solution. The key is the release, or orgasm. That is what brings the body and mind back into a restful and satisfied state, ready to fall asleep.

So, keeping it hot in the bed room becomes important, and watching a sex video or two before bed can really help keep things interesting. It may seem counter intuitive to get excited before going to bed. That’s true if you are exciting your brain through exercise or other stimuli before bed. Sex is the big exception. Even though you are building up endorphins that excite the brain, you eventually release through orgasm, and the brain decompresses. Not so with exercise or say, watching a scary movie. Those activities excite the brain with no release and keep the brain working long after the stimulus is gone. That’s what keeps you up looking at the clock every two minutes.

Great excuse for watching sex videos isn’t it? But it truly is a legitimate one. There are lots of studies that prove conclusively sex is good for sleep and good sex is even better. Sleep is so important for your mental health and physical health, so is sex, and here you have a solution for both problems, sex videos. The best thing about sex videos, you don’t necessarily need a partner to get the job done. Get the drift! Wink! Wink!

How To Make YouTube Videos?

For uploading the videos to the You Tube first you need to make videos. The You Tube supports the videos in both.AVI and.MPG format. You can use a digital camera to make videos or you can make them using a cell phone or a webcam. Any videos in these formats can be uploaded directly to the You Tube from the device where it is recorded. These You Tube videos can be watched by anyone.

If you are taking a video using a camcorder check if it is a digital one. The digital device can be used to soot the videos that you want to upload. After the shoot is complete, you have to connect the camera to the computer using a USB device via the USB port on the computer. Then the transfer can take place easily into the You Tube. But not all camcorders are digital and then the analog devices can be used to take the videos. After taking the videos they need to be converted to the digital format and for this you need to use a converter. This will help us to change the analog signal to the digital one and this is the format the computer can understand.

The video recorded may be quite simple and may not have any special effects so you need to add the same that its viewing becomes more interesting. The computer can help you do this. You need to have software on your computer that can give some excellent touches like adding music or some visual effects. Such software can be easily downloaded and every time you want to make a video to upload on the You Tube you can use it. This edited version may have a better effect on the viewers. The final touch should be in a format that the You Tube accepts. These are QuickTime,.MOV, etc.

Thus the videos with special effects will have a better viewing. Even mobile phones can used to upload a video to the You Tube. This can be done via emailing the video you have shot. But care should be taken to set up the mobile upload options. Al these videos can be given tags according to the category it belongs, like music, jokes, etc. and this can also be given a brief introduction of the video.

Thus you can successfully upload a video and leave a tag so that finding a video through each one’s preferences is made easy.

How to Market Your Tube Videos

There are two key points of this article; how you can market your YouTube videos and why? We will start with how you can market your videos which are already present on YouTube. Suppose you have made a video related to a specific niche and you have it uploaded and ready for an audience on YouTube. Now you want that audience to arrive and be as big as possible.

Let me assure you that the very first step that you have taken is absolutely wise which is to select YouTube as the home for your video efforts. You might have known that YouTube has good traffic to advertise your video. But it’s again a matter of being found. Therefore on a personal level you may advertise your video by telling your friends, family and colleagues about it. They may search for the title and may even watch it, that is unless you have used this strategy far too often before. Therefore swap it about, talk to them, email them, text them or even send them an image from the video. Just do not harass them or you will become a lonely and moody film producer.

There is another and safer way to advertise your business videos, which is by adding their links to any blog you may own. Just make sure your video is related to that blog. It is a common observation that images and videos are more attractive than text so whoever reaches your blog and begins to read your post will see your video for sure. YouTube allows you to add a few html codes in any blog or post online. Those codes will enable you or any other Internet user to post a video online. This is a common practice in the world of Internet blogging, to add the code for a related YouTube video in the post. If the correct video is selected it can enhance the post, you can of course offer this video to other blog owners whose sites are related to the theme of your video, they will be more than willing to add these links under their blogs as it adds value to their post.

A third way to market your YouTube videos is through message boards. There exists a vast array of message boards related to almost every topic on the Internet. Thus all you have to do is search for a message board which is related to your video title, then post the link there. There are only a few websites/boards which do not allow such links in their posts but most of them have no such issues. Placing these links in your signatures is the best way to do this as it does not appear too pushy and allows you to add value to the site in the comments box. As your comments get reviews from members; they may see your video and you could get feedback from visitors about how to improve your work.

Now comes the part why you should market your videos. Well, you must have got some idea that marketing is to achieve popularity. The more your products or business are being viewed by people, the more your profile rises and thus many will contact you and your business. YouTube itself will attract many viewers to your website through your videos and you are now aware of some free methods to advertise your videos. So if you think that you are not getting enough viewers on YouTube, spread the link on message boards and blogs all over the web and get that traffic that you deserve.